May 4, 2020

Free French & Spanish Worksheets for Kids: Memory Game

Free French or Spanish printable to play Memory at home! See everything it includes…

French Worksheet for Kids

Looking for a French or Spanish Worksheet for kids? I am always on the lookout for quick-start, vocabulary-rich games and activity ideas in French and Spanish. I use them at home with my own bilingual kids and also in my Mini French classes in Edinburgh.

This week we have been playing lots of simple games of Memory! My kids love it and actually their memory is pretty amazing- they keep me on my toes! Gone are the days of pretending to lose. Sometimes the simple game are the best! Also great for all ages.

I like that it only takes a few seconds to set up and we learn not only nouns – the words of the items on the cards – but also lots of expressions like ‘Your turn/ my turn’ etc. And easy way to quickly build French or Spanish into our day.

Free kids French or Spanish worksheet

I shared the exact brand we have at home on my Instagram page but I wanted to help you to make your own game in case you cannot get a hold of a French Memory game. You will love the free printable French worksheet for kids to make your own game of Farm Animal Memory! It also doubles up as a Spanish worksheet – both options are on there.

Plus, as an extension activity I made a template for you to create your own game! Choose any theme you like.

You will find:

  • full instructions
  • a printable French farm animal game
  • a printable Spanish farm animal game
  • a ‘make your own’ Memory game activity

I will also be adding this resource to Mini Ville my kids French online portal which has over a hundred resources including videos all accessed via an interactive map. Make sure you are on the mailing list to be a Founding Member at a reduced rate.

Felicity x

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