December 6, 2021

How do I teach my baby a new language I am fluent in?

Are you trying to teach your baby a language you are fluent in? Or considering starting? Without support, it can feel lonely. Meet Nathalie…

I am fluent and teaching baby French

More and more families are multi-lingual. I meet lots of families where one parent is French speaking and is trying their best to boost that language at home and at first it seems simple, ‘Hey I’ll just teach my baby a language I am fluent in! How hard can it be?’

However, without support it can seem a lonely journey.

Knowing that other parents have started this journey can give you confidence in your decision. So let’s hear from one of the lovely Mini French mums who has both been to my in-class sessions and used my online resources to learn from her experience!

1. Hey Nathalie, can you tell us what your background in French is?

I am half French! 🙂


2. What were the main reasons that led you to think about starting a language with Jack?

I grew up in a multi-language household and it really encouraged me to travel and be curious about different cultures. I think it is so important to instil an awareness of different languages and cultures from an early age but in a fun way. I’d like to teach my baby a language I am fluent in.


3. What age did Jack start Mini French® in-class sessions?

He started at just over three months old. Felicity is hugely enthusiastic and is excellent at both capturing and keeping the attention of the children. She has excellent props and toys to go with the songs. It’s so imaginative.

I wondered about starting a language programme with a young baby but I sang the Mini French® songs at home regularly and they quickly became firm favourites. He also really responds when anyone says “coucou” to him (the Mini French® welcome song!)

We also watch the recorded Mini French® sessions via Mini Ville and Jack LOVED them. He was smiling and waving and singing along – a real highlight of his day.


4. What is Jack’s favourite Mini French® song?

“Deux petits canards au bord de l’eau”. It’s now the one song that immediately soothes him.


5. What are your hopes for his language journey in the future?

I don’t want to force another language upon him but I would be thrilled if he continued to learn French – or any other language for that matter. It would also be so lovely to see him speak to his French relatives.


6. What would you say to parents thinking of starting a language with their children?

It is so important for it to be fun!


I hope these insights from Nathalie are helpful! My key take-aways are:

  1. Even fluent parents need support
  2. Modern parents value learning respect for other cultures
  3. Learn songs to create fond memories in French
  4. Babies can start learning a second language – don’t wait
  5. Reach out to local groups and online communities for resources


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