September 16, 2021

Benefits of Online Tutoring

You may be wondering about the benefits of online tutoring vs in-person tutoring. Let’s look at the benefits so that you can choose a good online tutor.

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Here is a true story. After years of running in-person, highly interactive language classes for young children in the UK, I was sceptical about the benefits of online tutoring. I was hesitant about transferring to online delivery. Covid took care of that and forced me to try to adapt. Now I am fully convinced that, with the right tutor, this method has lots of benefits for children and families.

Many wonder how online tutoring can be an advantage. Some might worry that it will hinder social interaction. However, there are many more benefits to online tutoring than you might imagine. On that note, here are all of the benefits of online tutoring that I have discovered since transferring my French Academy (age 5-9) to online delivery.


Improves tech skills

The workplace is more and more digital and these skills are essential for further education and future careers. I have found that children adapt quickly to the new technology and remote ways of working, in fact, they may even overtake you!

Instead of shying away from online learning we need to embrace it. Children find it fun when it is done in an interactive way. Technology is making learning fun and it is the way the world is going.


Easier family logistics

Extra-curricular activities are a brilliant way to help your child find their passions in life. For the parent taxiing them around, however, the experience can be less rewarding! I know as I am that parent too!

One of the biggest benefits of online tutoring is that your child can come home from school, get a snack and relax before their session. And, you can get a cup of tea! Hours of time saved.

If they have younger siblings then you don’t have to worry about bundling them up into their pushchair or the car for yet another kids activity journey.

Specialised pre-recorded courses can also be a great way to fit in a language in a busy routine.

Adapts to your child’s learning style

Choose a tutor who will adapt to your child’s learning style. For children who enjoy interaction, then online language sessions can be a surprisingly good choice. In my sessions, we have lots of hands-on activities and even some physical tasks too!

A good tutor will keep groups small and interact with each child individually. This is made feasible by reduced overheads and quick turnaround times.


Makes home-learning fun

Whether we are full-time home educators or a parent who has experienced trying to teach their child a subject at home, we have all experienced resistance.

Bringing in a fresh face, a third party with different ideas can keep learning fun and take the pressure of you from finding your own materials.


Fewer distractions

Your child might have language sessions at school, but not get the full benefit from it because of distractions or the size of the class. When your child learns at home with an online tutor, there will be as few distractions as possible.

I find that many parents float around in the background or sit nearby to assist. Or other parents see that their child is engaged and head off to do a different task. Either way, you can get a good idea of what they are learning and whether they are concentrating.


Deep dive in a certain subject

If your child is showing an interest in a certain subject and you just want to give it a try an online 30-minute session will enable them to really focus on that skill without signing up to and crossing town to a physical class. Or, maybe your child wants to learn a language which isn’t offered by the school.

Make sure to ask online tutors lots of questions about how they will keep your child engaged but you could try lots of things like!

Spanish – I previously ran Spanish lessons but am unable to at present so if Spanish is your child’s passion do a bit of research and try someone like AnnaSpanish.

Computer Skills – Online tech camps like ComputerXplorers work well online. Try coding, Minecraft Education and more

Maths & English – My son has attended Kip McGrath Maths sessions in the past and I enjoyed the systems that they used. I was able to be in the background and see what level he was working at.


Bonding can happen digitally

A good tutor will try to create a bond with each child to boost them and work with them on their level. I have found that despite my prior hesitancy as a tutor, I can bond well with the children I am tutoring online by making sure to include them gently into the group discussion and getting an understanding of their favourite tasks.

Sometimes shy children prefer online as they can use emojis and thumbs up etc to tell me how they are feeling when they arrive at the session 😀 👍


So there we go, my view on the benefits of online tutoring! Keep in touch and if you are looking at becoming a French tutor make sure to read my guide – Become A French Tutor – and get in touch about opportunities.



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