Bonjour! Welcome to Mini Languages!

I’m Felicity, founder and creator of the Mini Languages® method. I am an early-years language tutor and mother to three bilingual children. Since 2012, I have been teaching French to children aged 0 to 8 using my own language programme which is based on music, movement and play.

I am passionate in helping young children find a love of languages and supporting families progress towards their own personal language goals!

I have won an award for my contribution to children’s learning and I’d like to share my programme with you…

“Mini Ville” is an online platform featuring an interactive map and resources database to be explored by adults and children alike.

It features subtitled music videos, topic-based videos, MP3s and fun printable resources. This is the platform every family and educator needs to teach young children the foundations of French in a very nurturing and natural way.

It will continue to grow with new features for the Member Community to take advantage of.

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