April 6, 2021

What is your child’s learning style?

Identify your child’s learning style with Mini Languages® and get help selecting language learning activities which will boost their French!

Children at a laptop. Different learning styles

As a tutor and parent, I have discovered that I get the best from children when I identify how they like to learn. A child’s learning style can be identified by thinking about what they respond well to and the activities that make them happy and engaged!

Why does learning style matter?

A class or family is made up of individuals with complex personalities! Trying to force a child into an activity that doesn’t gel with their learning style will have them glazing over…

Have fun using my guide below to identify your child’s learning style and which French resource would most appeal to them!

Points to note; learning styles often change with age and can also be a blend. Most very young children are physical learners and need to move around which is why movement based classes and videos that encourage actions work well.

Which activity will suit your child best?

1. Does your child like…

  • Drawing
  • Puzzles
  • Being hands-on

Your child is a Tactile Learner!

Kids learning French

How best to learn French for Tactile Learners?

Try Lesson Packs!

11 pages of printable activities accompanied by a video £3.95 per pack.

These popular packs work well for the age 5-9 age group. Teachers also appreciate the done-for-you lessons!

2. Does your child like…

  • Moving
  • Instruments
  • Interaction

Your child is a Physical and/ or Aural Learner!

How best to learn French for Physical and/ or Aural Learners?

Try Online Live Classes!

Weekly group Zoom sessions with music and movement £13.50 per month (£4 trial)

Suits families who need some accountability and like live sessions.

3. Does your child like…

  • Online Games
  • Short Videos
  • Exploring

Your child is a Visual Learner!

How best to learn French for Visual Learners?

Try Mini Ville!

Make French a game! Mini Ville is an easy to use online platform with a clickable map containing appealing French teaching videos. Plus members of Mini Ville also have access to ALL Lesson Packs.

All this content gives you great value at currently £9.95 a month


So with a bit of consideration you can start teaching your child French with activities suited to their learning style and development stage.

Any questions, I am always available for a chat.

Felicity x

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