February 28, 2021

7 Amazing Free Kids’ French Resources [with links]

Let me save you some time. Hand-picked and quality checked Free Kids French Resources so you can stop scrolling and start teaching your child or class French.

Free Kids French Resources

I have been a parent of bilingual children and French tutor for 10 years. With so many French resources out there (all of varying quality), you can end up spending waaaaaaaaay too much time looking for language resources for your class or home. Make sure to bookmark this article where I have selected some of the best free kids’ French resources available and review regularly.

Free Kids’ French Resources

Of course, an excellent way to get access a database of made-for-you French resources is to trial the Mini Ville Kids’ French Platform for free. Here you find hundreds of top quality resources including a database of video-based lesson packs… all in one place.

Learn French with Mini Ville

But let’s take a look at what else you can find out there!

1. French Nursery Rhymes

First up, looking for early-years French resources? Music is an important language learning tool and is a key aspect of the Mini Languages® Method. Not everything you find on YouTube is of good quality and always be cautious of automatic ads but I do like the Hey Kids Channel which has a nice range of French nursery rhymes. You these as the basis for your early years lessons.

2. French Stories

Listen to some traditional French stories, including The Three Little Pigs, narrated by a French speaker with The French Experiment. It is nice for kids to hear stories that they are already familiar with in a new language. They also have grammar tips for adults who are up-skilling.

3. French Cartoons

For effective learning we want children to be interacting in a new language they are learning with a parent or teacher. However, cartoons certainly have their appeal so you can add them into your French resources toolkit. I have already written a comprehensive list here to save you time searching for quality French cartoons.

4. French Radio for Kids

Radio Ouistiti is a radio station for French kids aged 0-8. A great resource for bilingual families. Although aimed at native French speakers, there is a great variety of content – songs and stories from francophone countries. Their site also has some French activities for kids.

5. French Printable Resources

It is easy to get stuck down the Pinterest rabbit hole but there are lots of free kids French resources on there.  Mini French® printables feature regularly in Pinterest searches. I also like A Cup of French Infographics and BilingualKidspot worksheets which are also created by experienced tutors.

6. French App

Best suited to older kids, teenagers and adults but the Duolingo app can still be a good way to rack up some new vocabulary and make learning French fun. Children enjoy the gamification aspect and it can be a useful tool if you are leaning too.

7. Interactive Platform

Designed by an experienced language tutor (me!) and her team, you can stop searching for resources all over the internet. The Mini Ville platform is a database of top quality French resources all in one place. When you log-in you can choose a range of resources for your home or class; French music & movement videos, subtitled mini films, related printable activity sheets and mp3s… There is a free trial available to see how it can help you.

Teachers and home educators particularly like the growing database of themed lesson packs supported by vocabulary videos. Suitable for age 5-10, these packs include a short vocabulary video and a related set of activity sheets (c. 15 pages). Themes include clothing, food, the weather… entire super-fun lesson plans just a click away.

Learn French with Mini Ville – 3-day free trial


So there we go! Lots of free kids’ French resources to get you off to a good start and build children’s confidence in languages.

Felicity x


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