August 7, 2020

Kids French Lesson: Baking a cake

Learning a language is best through real-life situations. Teach your children French with this recipe!

Kids French Lesson

Kids French Lesson: How do you introduce a new language?

In this post, I will share a Kids French Lesson unlike any you have seen before!

The biggest hurdle many parents have when trying to introduce a new language is that they do not know well themselves is knowing where to start. They get all tied up in knots thinking about conjugating verbs and structuring a sentence. We start remembering days at school sitting through boring French lessons.

Real-life people, real results

But how do we learn our first language? By taking part in real-life situations with real people.

For children to learn French (or any language!) it is important for them to be engaged and to see the words being used in context. Seeing real people using the language is key to progress.

In the Mini Life series, accessible from the Mini Ville online map-tool, we go on adventures with Sophie and her family. The topics are relatable, useful and expose children to a rich set of vocabulary objectives; as close as you can get to spending time with a French family!

You can then use those new words and expressions at home supported by the related resources such as charts, activities and other related videos

In this Kids French Lesson video, we make a real chocolate cake!

Who said learning French has to be boring? This lesson (which doesn’t feel like a ‘lesson’ suits ages from 2 to 9) and covers topics such as measurements, food, numbers and instructions. Real-life learning that sticks!

To take your next step in teaching your child French in a really effective and long-lasting way have a look at our tools and resources including the Mini Vill Platform which has lots more real-life videos.

You can also get in touch for the bilingual guide that goes with this Kids French Lesson video.

Felicity x

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