March 29, 2020

Cool online French & Spanish kids courses!

Get a sneak peak at my new online courses for kids to learn French & Spanish… a few surprises!

Kids French Spanish online

When life throws lemons make lemonde is the best way to describe my last few weeks! I am an award-winning early years language tutor running 5-star reviewed French and Spanish sessions with my team of teachers to around 250 children a week.

With the COVID turmoil our language sessions were shut down. It was initially a bitter pill to swallow although the health of ,my clients and teachers are obviously a priority.

Next dilemma? How to keep families who come to class learning at home using the Mini Languages® Method…?

Fortunately for me I have experience making online courses and I have a great web-designer so we were able to quickly create a series of French and Spanish workshops using my data-base of material.

The upside for families? After all that work, we now have two fabulous courses for a snip of the price of my normal classes!

I am proud of my teams reaction times and we are getting excellent feedback!

Lovely videos! Thank you!

Mum to Louis age 4

Just wanted to say thank you! Ella was waving and blowing kisses at the screen yesterday!

Mum to Ella age 1

The quality of what you have produced is absolutely exceptional Felicity!

Mum to Alyn age 3

What is included?

Log-in to your own personal account to access a series of video workshops in your chosen language based on our music & movement programme. All the videos are subtitled, have some animations and use our own professional music to keep children engaged and learning!

Sneak peek!

Also included, a parent guide, a keywords resource, MP3 download area, bilingual song sheets and printable activities!

Children are encouraged to move, dance and sing! You can learn along too.

All this for only £14.50 and you can be comfortable that the videos are hosted on a kid-safe ad-free platform.

We would love to support you in your learning. We are a small company but with a big heart and LOT of experience in teaching young children. Any questions at all contact

Felicity x


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