Covid-19 Class Policy

*Last Reviewed – 11th Jan 2022*


  • To protect children who attend our sessions, their families, as well as Mini Languages and venue staff. 
  • To provide parents and staff with the processes Mini Languages has put in place to ensure classes are safe and compliant with government Covid-19 guidelines. 
  • To share with venue partners to ensure best practice around Covid-19 Health & Hygiene. 


  • Children aged 11 years and younger are not required to physically distance, as set out in Scottish Government guidance. This extends to organised play activities. 
  • Parents and Mini Languages staff should keep physically distant from children, but it is recognised that this will not always be possible. 
  • Parents/ adults are reminded that Mini Languages will follow this policy and government guidance to mitigate the risks of Covid-19 but that they are attending the sessions at their own risk. 


This policy has been drawn up on the basis of the following; 

  • Latest Coronavirus Guidance
  • Play Scotland Guidance



  • Parents/ adults must wear a mask when arriving & leaving up to the 21st of March 2022
  • Parents/ adults must wear a mask when not seated up to the 21st of March 2022
  • All attendees including children should wash or apply antibacterial gel to their hands prior to the session. 
  • If an attendee feels unwell with any form of illness or if they have been told to self-isolate they should not come to class and they should follow the Test & Protect procedure.
  • Are asked to avoid eating and drinking at class with the exception of infants.
  • May wish to bring their own cushion although cushions will be provided and changed between classes.

Social distancing 

  • There will be a 15-minute arrival window to enable families to stagger their entrance to the room and avoid congestion at entry points. 
  • One parent/ adult is included in the booking. Please contact Mini Languages in advance to check if another adult/ parent can attend a session. 
  • Each family unit will be directed to its own seating area. 
  • Parents/ adults should take care that their children do not share toys and equipment which will be distributed one at a time. 
  • Parents/ adults are asked to try their best to prevent children coming into the ‘Tutor Zone’ and in contact with the Mini Languages staff and teaching equipment. 



  • Wearing a mask when arriving & leaving. 
  • Wearing a mask when not seated in the ‘Tutor Zone’. 
  • Ventilating the room prior to attendees arriving and ensuring adequate ventilation during the session. 
  • Providing a hygiene station for attendees to use on arrival. 
  • Washing or applying antibacterial gel to their hands prior to the session and frequently during the session as required. 
  • Ensuring that the floor and toilets are cleaned by the venue before use.
  • Cleaning and airing the toys and equipment between sessions. 

Social distancing 

  • Complying with up-to-date maximum venue capacity requirements (
  • Setting up a ‘Tutor Zone’ where the class leader can run the sessions at a distance from participants. 

Track & Trace and Continuity 

  • Maintaining the contact details of class attendees to be made available to the NHS Test and Trace central database if required by law. 

If the tutor is asked to self-isolate then the session will be delivered online. Regular cancellation policy remains in place.