French Video Lesson Pack: What is the weather – Quel temps fait-il?



From the Lesson Pack series. This is the Weather Pack.

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Letting children get hands-on and in control of their learning encourages them to enjoy language learning which leads to exciting future opportunities!

Enjoy this beautiful set of French activities to effortlessly teach your child or class French. Each pack is at least 11 pages and includes:

– Access to a Vocabulary Pronunciation Video

– A Set of Vocabulary Objectives

– 5 Sets of Activities (incl. colouring, writing, games)

– Extension Activities

– A Bonus Activity

Feedback from a parent and teacher: “Wow! This is just amazing! It is so engaging to little learners. Saves me so much time!”

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This is a digital product. On purchase you will gain access to a secure page with the PDF download and an embedded pronunciation video which you can watch again and again.