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What products and services do you offer so I can help my child learn a language?

For French – The Mini Ville online interactive tool. Packed with content and support for a small monthly fee. Free trial available.

For French & Spanish – We have one-off purchase courses (further details below) and digital products

What age are the platform and courses aimed at?

Mini Languages® is an early-years programme for age 0-8. The resource you decide to use may come down to the type of learning that your child prefers.

The online platform Mini Ville is a resource which your child can grow with. It incorporates our Music & Movement programme (age 0-5) along with videos, MP3s and printables for age 4-8. It is also a support for parents to learn how to teach their child at home.

The Music & Movement courses (available in French & Spanish) follow our class programme for babies up to age 5. These are parent and child classes where grown-ups learn too. Furthermore, you may have a six or seven year old who likes to sing and dance and may enjoy the course as well.

The Online Academy course (currently French only) is aimed at age 4-8. Children can work independently following the instructions on the video workshops, pausing where necessary. They will need help gathering or printing the required resources prior to the workshop.

What resources are on the Mini Ville platform?

Mini Ville is a new concept in language learning. It is a tool for kids and grown-ups alike to immerse themselves in practical, vocabulary-rich French. It is launching with over 140 resources accessed through a cute, interactive road-map which will be added to as the community grows. You can be part of is evolution as I will be working with parents, creating resources based on on-going feedback and demand.


  • Mini Life – follows a family on their daily routines and adventures
  • Mini Building Blocks – focused videos for specific words and expressions
  • Mini Music – recorded, tutor led Music & Movement videos


  • MP3s from our Music & Movement programme streamed direct from the Mini Ville road map
  • MP3 download zone (not available for Free Trial)

Printable Resources

  • Memo Cards – Topic-based bilingual flashcards with pronunciation guide
  • Print & Play – Games, activity sheets all ready to start straight away
  • Charts – For daily routines in French
  • Labels – Home reminders for words round the house
  • Video Guides for every Mini Life video with grammar explanations

Grown-Up Hub – you can learn too!

  • Grammar course
  • Accent & Phonics course

How do I purchase an online course or resource?

Simply click on the language product of your choice then head to the basket to complete your purchase.

How do I subscribe to the Mini Ville French tool?

Simply decide whether to sign-up on a Free Trial (all videos and some restricted printable resources, grown-up courses) or the full access immediately. Then head to the basket to complete your purchase.

Will I receive anything in the post?

These are online digital products only. You can download and print any PDF materials at home. The MP3s can be downloaded to your own device.

Which devices does Mini Ville work on?

The online map tool and all other content works across all platforms. IT scales depending on screen size. That said, it is clearest and easiest navigated on tablets and laptop screens or computer screens.

I have purchased a Mini French/ Mini Spanish Workshop, digital resource or Mini Ville access, what happens next?

During checkout you will be asked to create an account – make sure to remember your password. You will also receive a confirmation email. To access any courses or resources you have  purchased, head to your account page by logging in on any page where you see the account icon in the top right i.e. Online Learning page.

Am I able to cancel my membership?

You are totally in control of your account. You can update your payment details or cancel by clicking the pink ‘Memberships’ button and then ‘Manage’ on your account page.

Still have a question or interested in collaborating*? Get in touch below and we would be happy to help!


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